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I have been trained by Angeline twice a week for approximately eight weeks now with brilliant results.  I have lost 7.5 kilos and feel fantastic with more energy and drive.  Angeline has helped me to understand the importance of eating correct foods and more importantly eating smaller meals.  With the combination of exercise, training sessions and eating correctly, I have achieved great things.

Having the commitment of my regular sessions has helped me achieved my goals. (I am sure I would not have been so committed if I was just relying on myself to exercise). Thank you Angeline for the motivation you have given me and inspired me to this better way of life.


Angie has been my personal trainer for the last year and I have found Angie a very positive influence in my training. Angie is very dedicated and is extremely passionate about her job and clients.

Angie has been both encouraging and driven in my goals. Angie listened and tailored our sessions to suit and over time has tweaked the program to benefit the results I have and also wish to achieve. I would definitely recommend Angie to anyone.

Leonie Dunn

I always wanted a trainer who can motivate you, pushes you to the limit. If you want the motivation, she is the one to go to. We are definitely fitter than before and I will be continuing training with Angeline to achieve my goals.

Yasuko & Gad

I was really nervous about going to see a personal trainer, but I knew I needed the support and expertise of someone to teach me new skills about exercise. I hadn’t done any formal exercise for many of years . Angeline has made training fun whilst giving me a really good workout. She tailors each session to suit my needs and abilities and always open to feedback about how I feel and what I would like to do. It’s very empowering to part of a team effort.It really is never too late to start, and it doesn’t take long before you begin to see and feel your body changing for the better.

Thanks Angeline


I first met Angeline about 15 years ago when I joined my first gym… Angeline  is now a qualified personal trainer and had a few sessions with her, which were great! I know with her natural talent, dedication and past history with her own health and fitness she is going to excel with her clients.


3 months ago, I joined Lifestyle and Fitness Personal Training.

Words cannot explain how I am feeling or how much I owe to Angeline, our personal trainer. Angeline is very caring and understanding and sure knows her job of what she can do for me and others.

Angeline has not only helped me in all my problems of aches and pains in different parts of my body, heart problems, hip replacement and so on, also, my stress of losing my beloved husband of 63 years 4 months and 20 days. If I can do it with Angeline’s help, anyone can.

Thank you so much Angeline.

All the best

Group Personal Training Sessions

Hazel – 84 years

Hi, my name is Barbara and I joined the Lift for Life program offered by Angeline from Lifestyle and Fitness in late 2012. I participate twice a week for 1 hour and find my energy levels have increased, I am sleeping better and just feel healthier and happier in myself. We have a really fun time with our group and I would recommend Angeline to anyone deciding to take on a fitness for seniors class.

Click for more information – Lift For Lift Program

Barbara from Caboolture – 60 years

Angeline from Lifestyle & Fitness Personal Training at Caboolture runs a program called Lift For Life. This is a group session for Seniors and people with disabilities twice a week for 1 hour.

All exercises are modified to our ability to which Angeline is very aware. I find her to be extremely pleasant and caring of our group even to the extent of follow up phone calls a couple of days after the lesson to ensure we are okay. She makes our lessons fun and you leave feeling very happy. Personally, I have improved health, lost weight and just an all-round feeling of well-being. I am always disappointed when our hour is finished.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Angeline to any prospective client. She will go out of her way to help you if she can. We have been going in our group since late 2012 and hope to continue into the future.

Click for more information – Lift For Lift Program

Margaret from Bellmere – 50

As I have a lot of medical problems, I was very sceptical about going to a personal trainer. Angeline is very understanding with regards to any medical issues.

I have been seeing Angeline only for a short time and I can say, that in that time, my pain and muscle strength has improved out of sight.

I have no hesitation in recommending Angeline to anyone with Medical issues.

Give Angeline a go – you will feel great.

Once again, Thank you Angeline for giving me a new life.


Dear Angie,

I would like to thank you for all your hard work and effort that you have put into my training regime these last 3 months. Although I am only a relatively new client, I feel like I have known you for ages. You are honest and open, encouraging, genuine, hard working and not afraid to push me to my limits and sometimes a bit beyond.

The training program and equipment that you offer at Lifestyle & Fitness is wonderful. Every session has me doing something a little different to last time. Sometimes we are cardio boxing, sometimes running around the car park on resistance bands, other times sweating it out on the weights. However you are always conscious of my shoulder injury and work towards strengthening this area without causing injury.

Thank you for continuing to help me reach my fitness goal in 2013, so that my 40th year is a year of health and happiness.


P.S: Thanks for the first training session yesterday with my daughter Rylee who is only 12. She loves it, and to see her in an environment where she is supported to continue to be healthy and fit is awesome.

Kimberly M – 40 years

Last May I was at work browsing through the local paper when I come upon an advertisement for Personal Training. Over the last few years I have been gradually putting on weight even though I played netball once per week, the kilo's just seemed to be creeping on. The thought of going to a gym made me feel uncomfortable because I didn't want people looking at me and silently judging my every move. On my first session I found myself pleasantly surprised, I loved the one on one aspect, not having other people judging me was wonderful, I got along very well with Angeline and the whole experience was very different to my expectations. Then the pain began. I was worked to my limits,I found I could do things that I previously couldn't. While it was exhausting it was also very rewarding. When I first started I couldn't do ONE push up, but after some "gentle encouragement" by Angeline and consistently working at it I found myself getting stronger, fitter and healthier every day. Now one year later I find myself enjoying exercise, regularly going for runs, which last year the very thought made me sit down and eat a slice of cake. I find myself more confident and outgoing and happier with my physical appearance. I GREATLY recommend Lifestyle and Fitness for personal training sessions for anyone looking to become a healthier and happier person. Thanks Angeline, for helping me become the person I am today.


It is with great pleasure I recommend Lifestyle and Fitness to anyone seeking to lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle. I started with Angeline with the goals of weight loss, flexibility and fitness. As I suffered from long time serious sporting injuries to my back and shoulders, Angeline's training sessions were always mindful of the potential for further injury, if over doing exercises. Angeline has made all the training sessions enjoyable, and worked to increase my fitness capabilities within my own personal comfort zone. Knowledgeable advice and discussion on diet and lifestyle are constant with each session. After six months of Personal Training sessions with Angeline I have now attained my goal of weight loss, can manage 100 sit ups for flexibility and am now jogging for 2 hours. My doctor has approved a decision to cease taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication. Thanks Angeline


Angeline thank you so much in helping me feel and look great on our wedding day. I couldn't have achieved the weight loss without your support ( and at times torture ). Not only has Dan been impressed with the changes in my self confidence, he has joined me in embracing a healthier( although not perfect) lifestyle, and getting up before dawn is so much easier with someone else! Again we can't thank you enough, and hope your business continues to flourish.

Kelly and Dan