No Memberships

We are not a gym, therefore, we do not charge any gym membership. All of our training sessions are booked as private personal training sessions and are held in our private training studio. Payment is required at the time of your training session. Those who wish to pay in advance for several sessions are rewarded with a discounted rate.

 We do offer eftpos facilities. Payment also accepted in cash or direct deposit prior to your session.

Personal Training – Morayfield Home-Based Studio



Session Includes: Custom face-to-face training program, measurements, food diary and ongoing support. 

One on one – 1 person at a time:
Price – $60 per 1 hour session

Two on one – 2 people at a time:
Price – $30 each 1hr session


Personal Training – Your Home

Includes: Custom face-to-face training program, measurements, food diary and ongoing support delivered in the comfort of your own home

One on one – 1 person at a time:
Price – $60 per 1 hour session

Group Training – Morayfield Home-Based Studio

You can make up your own group or train with an existing group of clients. Group session times are limited, so please contact us regarding availability. Training in a group environment, not only saves you money, it also encourages healthy competition and encouragement from others in your group.

Ask about our group training prices

Class numbers are capped to ensure the quality and integrity of each session is maintained.

Mobile Group PT – Schools and Workplaces

Angeline can come to your school or workplace and offer short and/or long-term group training sessions and nutritional advice presentations. Sessions are customised to suit the age, experience and level of fitness of the group. Prices and availability do vary, so please feel free to call Angeline on 0424 559 575 for more information.

Over 60’s/ Seniors Fitness Programs 


Angeline offers affordable fitness programs specifically designed for over 60s. These classes are often occupied by men and women aged mid 60’s through to late 80’s. Each individual is specifically catered to and class sizes are kept small to ensure everyone gets the attention and support they require.

The benefits of strength training can be enjoyed by everybody regardless of your fitness level, body type and age. It also plays a big part in tackling chronic disease especially type 2 diabetes. 

 sessions  – $20 per person per 1hr session.

Consultation Required (1hour) – $50 once of fee

Session Times:

Monday / Tuesday:  8am – 9am 

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday: 8am – 9am

Call Angeline on 0424 559 575 to book.

Consultations – Nutrition and Guidance


Our consultation can be conducted In home or at our home office at Morayfield.

Price – $60 per 1 hour session

Consultations Our consultations are designed to offer you with a private evaluation of your current health. This in-depth and complete lifestyle & fitness program is designed to look at all aspects of your lifestyle to help you achieve your goals sooner. It can include in-home assistance with food tips and healthy cooking tips and goals.

“Angeline’s commitment to her personal nutrition and fitness regime is of a high level, because she believes that she needs to be up to date with the latest nutrition and fitness theories and practices, in order for her clients to achieve their own personal healthy weight loss and fitness goals.”
Kameo 45

Habit forming behaviour is a great start on your path to long-term health. Angeline’s experience and patience go a long way to helping you formulate and stick to your plan. With encouragement and the knowledge that you are getting results and eating healthy, regular fitness training and exercise can become part of your life without being inconvenient. Many people start exercising because they have to, eventually your start to exercise because you want to.

Call Angeline on 0424 559 575 to book.