Workplace Training & Self Defence

“Healthy, happy staff makes for a happier, more efficient workplace”

Workplace Training

Fitness training in the workplace has been researched many times over. It helps decrease stress, helps improve concentration and encourages a sense of TEAM.

I have recently conducted a 12 week fitness challenge as part of Education Queensland’s Smart Move Program to help professional staff reinvigorate their lives through health and fitness. The aim was to improve strength, endurance, mental focus, provides postural appraisal, and help educate staff in stress management techniques.

This program is easily adapted to suit most workplaces of any size. Whether as a regular part of your staff’s weekly routine or more of a health review, I can assist in getting your staff more motivated, excited about work and becoming more efficient.

Self Defence

A popular group activity is self defence for women. I train groups of women in defensive boxing techniques. The aim of self defence programs are; to help increase self esteem, self confidence, balance and core muscle development. Weight loss and an ability to manage anger are also experienced by most participants.

Return to Work

I also work with those on WorkCover to rehabilitate and recover from back, shoulder, wrist and hand injuries. Activities include free weights, strengthening and conditioning exercises, self help, stress management, nutrition advice, as well as sleep and diet education and advice. I also provide effective at-home programs to keep you on the right track.

Prices – Quoted upon application