Over 40s – Fitness Programs

Off the back of the former Lift for Life® Healthy Communities Initiative hosted by the Federal Government, Angeline continues to offer affordable fitness programs specifically designed for over 40s. Currently, these classes are occupied by men and women aged mid 40’s to late 70’s. Each individual is specifically catered to and class sizes are kept small to ensure everyone gets the attention and support they require.

The benefits of strength training can be enjoyed by everybody regardless of your fitness level, body type and age. It also plays a big part in tackling chronic disease especially type 2 diabetes. 

“Lifestyle & Fitness is playing a vital role in improving the health of their community
by offering this evidence-based strength training program,”

 — Lauretta Stace, Chief Executive Officer of Fitness Australia —


2 sessions per week – $10 per person per 1hr session.

Consultation Required (1hour) – $30 once of fee

Session Times:

Monday: 8am – 9am

Friday: 9am – 10am


FNM Gym — 5/85 Michael Ave, Morayfield


To arrange an assessment, call Angeline, on 0424 559 575 or complete the online contact form HERE.