Children & Disengaged Youth

“Being healthy is not as hard as some people make it out to be.”


As a Blue Card holder, I can help your child through personal training. Personal training for children and teens helps boost confidence and an overall sense of self belief. Common child and teen conditions include; obesity, lack of co-ordination and balance, poor posture and low muscle density, as a result of poor diets and a lack of exercise. Training is available as one on one, small groups, and even as part of physical education at school.

Disengaged Youth

I have conducted a fitness program through the Salvation Army Youth Outreach Service (YOS) [as part of an alternative education program for young people who are disengaged from mainstream schools]. The program included improving self esteem, setting goals, weight loss, recipes, socialising in a group, lifestyle education for addictions and disorders, behavioural issues and re-engaging with society.


Prices are quoted upon application.


“Angeline of Lifestyle Fitness and Training Caboolture, recently conducted a six week Fitness Programme for the Salvation Army Youth Outreach Service (YOS) in Caboolture. YOS is an alternative education programme for young people who have disengaged from mainstream schools.

The programme that Angeline developed for the young people was of a very high standard and met our requirements in all ways. She was responsive and receptive to our ideas and able to gauge the level of interest and ability of our mixed group and developed routines that were flexible and at the same time extended everyone. Highly motivational and energetic, Angeline conveyed this to the young people and they responded very well to her.

In addition to the fitness routines, she provided a range of supports for the students: talks, homework and projects and answered their many questions. They looked forward o the weekly sessions and were disappointed when they cam to an end. This is a sure sign that the programme was successful. We are hoping to included Angeline’s programme into future years.”

Murray Robertson
YOS Education Programme
August 2011