Good nutrition is a lifestyle habit,
not a short-term goal.

Your body is your vehicle for life and your most valuable asset. We teach you to consider what fuel you feed your body and how that impacts your life. One of our abiding core philosophies is the importance of a dietary regime that compliments your training program. Starting with our unique detox programme, designed to eliminate the build-up of toxins that affect us physically and mentally, you will be coached how to:

  • Implement our “Basic Dietary Rules” which will help to improve your energy levels and allow you to reach your optimal health and performance
  • Balance your food intake so that your weight will remain stable and your health and appearance will continue to improve

Speak with Lifestyle & Fitness today for a tailored program that best suits you to achieve your maximum results.



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FREE Complimentary Health Assessment

– includes: weigh-in, measurements, discussion about what you would like to achieve, habits, nutritional advice & plan.

Follow-Up Health Assessment/s
$70 per hour

Regular assessments allow you to gauge how you are going to keep you motivated. As part of our ongoing involvement in your health journey, we will provide motivational calls, feedback and advice regarding your progress. As you move closer to your health and fitness goals, your needs will change. Your plan has to change with you to guarantee continued improvement.